by Breshna Wardak

     For the first time in Park View High School, field hockey started during mid-July. Loudoun County created the team and then Coach Allison Thomson and Christina O’Donavan chose to lead the team. “I wanted to see it here because I always loved the sport and I played during high school and college,” said Thomson. She speaks highly on the team and their accomplishments. There are fifteen girls playing for the field hockey team. Thomson sees a lot of improvement and commitment in the team since July.

     “The fact that they’re already improving right now in the last eight weeks, I feel that it will be stronger next year because of experience,” said Thomson.

       Junior Karla Miranda, a part of the team, won a Good Sportsmanship award. She considers her advantages on the team by including everyone, and making sure everyone is doing their best. Miranda’s thoughts on her coaches are, “encouraging us no matter what and believe in us.” She joined the team to start something new and she liked the idea of it.

    “My biggest challenge playing the sport would be not letting anyone down and to score as many points,” said Miranda.

    The team is very close and love each other’s company. “As a team, they’re all supportive and help each other with problems out of the sport and making sure we’re all having fun,” said Miranda.

     Thomson describes Karla as, “keeping energy up and always cheering people on the field no matter what happens and always staying positive.”

     One of the team players is Junior Jacqueline Villanueva. She thought the idea was something enjoyable and new. Villanueva joined the team because it was new and she was already a fan of floor hockey. Her thoughts on coaches were that they were, “helpful to the team players and taught new skills every day.” It was more entertaining than exhausting to her.

    “One thing which is very thoughtful of them is that they make us cheer on the other team even if we lose against them,” said Villanueva

     “One word to describe the sport would be competitive,” said Villanueva about field hockey.

       The teammates and coaches find the sport enjoyable. They all enjoy each other’s company and never let each other down. Making sure everyone is doing their best is a main priority to the team.