by Sabrina Lovera

     Freshman, Kelly Dominguez joined the Junior Varsity Football team during the 2017 school year.

     Last year, Dominguez started off playing with a team called “Real Club”. Dominguez was motivated to try playing for Park View, because of all the feedback she was getting. She is a wide receiver on offense and corner on defense. Dominguez being a girl has not changed the way the team treats or views her while they play. “It’s really the same as a guy playing… She’s really good and I respect it.” said sophomore, Darvin Cerritos, one of the players on the team.

     Dominguez likes her teammates and gets along with them. “The team is great. We all treat each other like family.” Said Dominguez. The team encourages her to do better and believes she’s a helpful addition. “She’s a great athlete. She has better hands then some of the boys…She works very well with the players and the kids respond well to her.” said defensive coach Richard Derrickson.

     At times, Kelly struggles while playing, but her teammates always try to give her pointers and help her keep trying. When she sees, her teammates working harder, it motivates her to try harder as well. “Each game they’re developing/getting better. I think that makes me realize… okay now I see them putting effort, I think I should put my part and try hard,” Said Dominguez.             

     Besides the fact that Dominguez enjoys the sport and playing with the team, she doesn’t know if she will continue playing throughout her entire high school career. “I’m planning just to play for 10th grade or 11th but it’s going to get harder throughout the year, so I’ll think about it,” said Dominguez.

     Kelly has taken a new role in Park View sports, and has shown no matter what gender you are, anyone can play any sports. “It’s very important for females to have the ability to play whatever sports they want,” said Coach Derrickson