by Ali Shah

There are five new counselors this 2017-2018 school year at Park View High. All of them come from different places around the U.S. Although they have worked at different places throughout their career, they believe that Park View is the best fit for them.

     Safiya Muhammad, a new counselor at Park View, believes that she has a lot to offer to our school. “I came to Park View because I’m from a school population in Massachusetts, that has a lot of ELL students, so I was excited to work with that population again. Also, I wanted to work in a high school.” Muhammad previously counseled in a couple of different schools, making her experienced. Other than counseling she has been in different fields such as banking, nursing, and retail, but she says counseling interested her the most, and she plans to do it for the rest of her career, preferably at Park View High. “When handling personal problems, I’m going to talk to the student to see the best way I can help, and provide them with the best outcome for the situation.”

     Mrs. Carroll, counseling at Park View, believes there is no better place to work than Park View. “I came to Park View because what I studied at college was to help students who are the first out of their families to go to college, and I believe that I could make the most difference here and help the most people.” Previously, Carroll had a couple of different jobs such as counseling at various elementary and high schools, but what stands out is her work for the government, as she helped reform policies. Although working in the government, she felt that counseling was in her best interest. “When handling student who need my help, I want my students to know that my doors are always open for them, and my only job here is to help.”

     Ms. Lennox, counselor at Park View, believes Park View is an extraordinary school. “I came to Park View, because my close friend’s daughter just graduated from Park View and she said it was the best school out there.” Before Park View, Lenox was a mental health counselor for 5 years. She worked with teenagers in a mental health hospital, and later worked in her community as a counselor. “When I handle situations regarding special counseling, I plan to just be available, and be willing to listen and help my students come up with strategies to resolve their problems.”  

     Mr. Edwards, the only male counselor at Park View, feels there is nothing but good vibes at Park View. “I came to Park View because I was familiar with the student population here, and I’m the most comfortable when I work with such a diverse school as Park View.” Edwards decided to become a counselor because he enjoys working with young people. He believes that if we want to influence our youth to do good, the best time to do it is during high school. Counseling isn’t anything new for Edwards, he’s been a counselor for over 10 years’ now. “I plan to help out with situations that need counseling, by letting them set their own goals, which they need help with, and be supportive and listen to them.”

     Ms. McCarter, new counselor at Park View, started counseling here at the end of last year, enjoying what the school had to offer, she returned this year. “The main reason I came to Park View, is because I enjoyed the culture of the school. Also, the students and teachers were very friendly” Before Park View, McCarter was a substitute teacher for 3 years, at different schools around Loudoun County. “When I counsel people who need emotional help, I would try to find out more about the situation, and then figure the best way to help them.”

     These counselors are new; but they see a bright future ahead of them at Park View. Let’s hope they enjoy their time here, and do what’s best for our school and all the people here.