A look inside the world of a “hype beast”

by Ben Linde

     Here at Park View, many students buy Supreme and other street-wear brands like Gucci, Palace, Patta, and Louis Vuitton with the intention of reselling it. Many of the people who resell a resell this clothing are labeled as “hype beasts.” A “hype beast” is someone who buys a popular item, just because other people want it. “Hype beasts” collect but also resell their products. Supreme takes advantage of these hype beasts by releasing pieces that they could not possibly resist.

     Since the 90’s when Supreme was created, there has been “hype” around the clothing brand. Business started booming for Supreme, with certain pieces reselling for more than five hundred dollars more than original price. Their most famous piece, the box logo, retails for fifty dollars, but can resell for around one thousand dollars. The “hype” around Supreme is more intense than ever. Reselling has become a job for some people; they’re camping outside of Supreme in New York for a hoodie they can resell for a huge profit. The “hype” around this brand has created the term “hype beast.”

     Junior George Montoya used to resell Supreme and was a frequent buyer of the brand, but has since distanced himself from Supreme branching into other brands.

     “My favorite brand is actually Alexander Wang, I don’t know why everyone acts like I only wear Supreme, and I hate when people call me a hype beast, I used to buy a lot of Supreme but now I just buy what I like from other brands too,” said Junior George Montoya.

     Brands like Alexander Wang still go for a big resell price online, especially their collaboration pieces with Adidas include shirts, pants, sweat suits, hats, and shoes. These pieces go for one fifty to five hundred dollars apiece according to grailed.com.

     Some students still lust after popular items from Supreme while others focus on a more “high fashion” aspect when buying clothes. Supreme is extremely hard to get these days, and paying three hundred for a shirt is not an option.

     Senior Paco Montalban said that he used to resell his supreme pieces for an average of three to four hundred dollars apiece. He isn’t into Supreme as much anymore though; he is more focused on Asian streetwear and style now. He says that they have better designs, quality, and aesthetic. These brands can also resell for even more than some Supreme pieces; most jackets from Cav Empt go for about five hundred or even one thousand dollars apiece according to grailed.com.

     “I’m more into the Asian fashion these days, with brands like Cav Empt. I still spend a lot of money on clothes but not on Supreme anymore,” said Senior Paco Montalban.

     It is a lot of money for one piece of clothing, when you could easily buy a piece that is just as nice for a lot less money. Resellers will always be resellers, and hype beast will always be hype beasts.