by Breshna Wardak

There has been a new security specialist Victor Fath who works for Park View High School. Fath has worked at four schools across Loudoun County and has enjoyed his time at every school he has worked with. He grew up in Sterling, Virginia and attended Broad Run High School which made him want to work in the Loudoun County system.

“I love being around young adults and seeing them prosper in school, I would protect them at all costs,” said Fath. He has children of his own as well. Fath, a former cop, substitute teacher, and real estate agent back in the days, has now been doing this job for four years. Fath is looking forward to work for Park View until the rest of the school year or whenever his job here is done.

“There’s a great ratio of people in this school, all kinds of races and ethnicities,” said Fath describing students at Park View.

In his eyes, the school is filled with bright students. He describes Park View as, “future leaders.”

Tedd Green who is also a security specialist who works with Mr. Fath. He has worked at Park View for eleven years. Mr. Green enjoys working here and helping with the students. “I like to see students grow and mature. It’s a good feeling to see the kids you know graduate, it makes me happy knowing I was a part of that,” said Green. is a big help to Green, according to him, “he takes of half the stuff that I do which makes my job easier.”

Another person who is also in charge of security in the school as well as Mr. Fath is Officer Josh Carter who is the head of the school resource officer (SRO.) A student resource officer is an officer that provides security and crime prevention services to American school environments. Officer Carter has been working at Park View for three years and was his first job here as an SRO. Carter worked patrol before being an SRO. “I love working here because it’s the best, diverse, and busiest school in the county,” said Carter.

There have been new additions in the number of cops at Park View to help the work around the school and Officer Carter. They rotate every day and have two officers each day, while Carter works at Park View full-time.

Park View has been adding more security and adding more protection to its students. Mr. Fath has an important role in the school while his all eyes are on the protection of the school as well as Mr. Green. Officer Carter and other SRO’s help around the whole school. As the head of security in Park View say, they are extremely thankful for this opportunity to help and protect the students.