by Jennifer Guaraguara

     Sophomore Ibram Marzouk left for Germany on Friday,  November 17th as an exchange student with the George C. Marshall International Center (GCMIC). The foundation takes students from Loudoun County to various countries such as Austria, Germany, and France, on an educational exchange program, specifically for science, technology and math.

     Marzouk is the only Park View student traveling to Germany with the GCMIC foundation. The college preparation program CAMPUS introduced the opportunity to Marzouk and encouraged him to apply.  

     All of the Students participating in the trip will land in Frankfurt, Germany and stay with a host family for fifteen days. GCMIC is making sure all the students stay busy. They will be learning about potential careers and several emergency offices. Such as the fire and rescue offices and the local hospital.“I’m excited to go see how everything is different than here or maybe the same,” said Marzouk.

     They will be visiting Heinrich-von-Kleist School, an english secondary school, and explore the differences from the school in Germany and here. “I’m most excited to see the school, and how they teach and if the lunch or classrooms are like here,” said Marzouk.

         The experience is one of a kind and shows an example to other students that being informed and involved can open opportunities. “I’m so happy I get to go, not everyone goes to another country for free,” said Marzouk.