by John Le

 The Student Council Association (SCA) has cancelled their Winter Luau Dance that was  meant to be held on February 16th during the Bermuda Day Spirit Week.

Originally the profits of the Luau Dance were going to be donated to the Spirit Link charity. However, there were not enough ticket sales to host the third dance. Sophomore Jenny Pham said, “ I did not really care about it, I wasn’t planning on going.” Only 51 students had actually bought tickets to attend out of the 200 they needed to sell to break even.

A reason the dance was unsuccessful  according to Pham, “ People wanted to dress up, dressing casually in Hawaiian shirts didn’t seem fun.” Sophomore Alpha Kanu, who purchased the ticket was, “Blown!” about the dance being cancelled, “I was so ready to get my groove on.”

Junior Daniel Ashat, who is part of the SCA class was “disappointed” that the dance did not work out. “We spent lots of time for the dance to not even happen,” said Ashat. SCA spent 750 dollars to hire the DJ Nick, the usual DJ for pep rallies, for the dance. The good news is that they won’t lose that money and will be working out a deal to have that same DJ come for Prom instead.

“Although the third dance did not end up working out, I made my SCA class spend more time planning for the third dance than I do for Homecoming or Prom, so they had a lot to learn it,” said Michael Vereb, a social studies teacher and SCA advisor.