by Breshna Wardak

On March 1st, Officer Josh Carter won Loudoun’s First Responder of the Year Award. Carter has been working at Park View for three years. The residents of Loudoun drafted three people to be nominated, including Carter through an online voting poll. Also competing for the award was Loudoun’s Sherriff Officer Chapman. “I’m modest about winning the award because the work can’t be done by myself,” said Carter.

Loudoun’s deputy works together with Officer Carter to keep the community here at Park View safe. If there is any suspicion that something in the community could affect the students, the deputies inform Carter. They communicate and help prevent crime in the community within students, such as gang violence and school fights. “It’s a constant line of communication between myself and any other deputy in Sterling,” said Carter. A priority for the officers is for students to be comfortable in their environment. “When you’re busy you get a lot of work done and find things out about students,” said Carter.

One of Carter’s closest associates is Mr. Greene who is the head of the school security. They have been working together for three years now and share the same workspace. Greene made sure he voted for Carter. “He’s really good with the youth of the school, he always tries to make sure the students here are safe. He’s excellent,” said Greene. Greene and Carter both work together and make sure the school is in safe hands. Carter is always on the school’s lookout.