by Sabina Lovera

     Producer and Director Tyler Perry recently released the film, “Acrimony.” Acrimony was released on March 30th, 2018. It is a thriller starring leading actress, Taraji P. Henson, and other actors, Lyriq Bent, Ajiona Alexus, and Crystal Stewart. The movie is about a woman who puts up with a manipulating man who later ends up being her husband. She eventually gets fed up with all the things he puts her through and files for divorce. Soon after their divorce is finalized he becomes successful, causing her to turn into a mad-woman and seek revenge on her ex because of all the pain he caused her.

     I personally enjoyed the movie and thought it was very different from others. Throughout the movie the screen would display a word and the definition to describe how the character was feeling. The main character was the narrator of the story and spoke while telling the story, which I found interesting. Towards the end, it returned to present day and the audience got to see what happened after the whole story was told. However, at times the scenery/ background looked extremely unrealistic and could have been improved. For example, there was a scene where the couple was on a boat, but it was obvious the water was fake. The production budget for the movie was $20,000,000, which is sort of low compared to the average budget of movies, $65,000,000.  The movie felt very long, but was 120 minutes, that is under the average length of movies. However, the movie never got boring while watching. There were new things constantly happening throughout the entire movie.

     The ending of the movie left many with a huge discussion. This was, which side was the audience on? Either the husband or the wife? There are different perspectives while watching the movie, leaving the audience to question if they agree with the man or if they agree with the woman. At the end, the woman ended up looking like a psychopath and extremely desperate. I am a fan of all Tyler Perry films, but the reason this one is different and potentially the best was due to the plot. The way the story was told and how relatable the beginning could be to many other couples is what made it ten times more interesting. I recommend watching this movie, because there is constant drama which causes the audience never to lose interest.