by Emily Lara-Vargas

Nurse Linda Merola presented the Rev your Bev program to inform students and faculty about how unhealthy their favorite drinks.” I do this to help students learn how to outsmart the advertising and packaging on food and drink and to read labels to know what they are eating and drinking,” said Merola.

Rev your Bev is a statewide movement to improve the health of all Virginians by encouraging people to drink more water. Merola also made her very own flavored water. She included several fruits and herbs to give flavor to her water, and she educated students and faculty that you can make water savory. Junior, Jordan Smith said, “The water was really refreshing and aesthetic looking.”

Merola made a variety of flavored waters, containing mint leaves, lemon, red bell peppers, cucumbers, and oranges. She took a cart with two big pitchers and delivered them to classes or left them outside of the gym classes so students and faculty could feel free to serve themselves with these healthy refreshing drinks. “This water was so pretty looking I couldn’t help myself, I took a cup and it was delicious!” said math teacher Faith Benoît.

Merola presented to classes about how much sugar normal drinks have and taught them that they should always look at the label of their food or drink to see if this is a healthy choice. supplied her with more information and details about the program.

Junior Alex Bardales said, “It’s crazy the amount of sugar companies put in ordinary drinks!”