by John Le

Finally, the highly anticipated Prom had just passed on Friday, May 11th. Where Juniors and Seniors have a place to express their energy all within the confinement of school rules. Fashion is a must at the event.

Nowadays, Teenagers use prom as a way to “flex”: a method showing how good they look and/or feel: in front of their peers. With that high extravagance, comes with high costs.
A poll was conducted via twitter consisting of 34 people. 21% of students spent 0-$100, 41% spent $100-$200, 21% spent $300-$400, and only 17% spent over $500. Depending on personal tastes, teens can spend up to thousands for Prom. They can spend things on car/ limousine rentals, suits and dresses, accessories, photographers, shoes, hair, tans, sunglasses, watches, dinner, corsages, tickets, and many other things. Prom is a way for teens to express themselves.


“I’m trying to go all out, 330 for the fit, I’m having mine tailored” said Senior Mariama Diallo. Handmade dress material and personal accessories: Cost $400. “I’m not spending much, I plan on spending only around $1000. I got an expensive corsage for my girl Mariama.” said Senior Rene Johnson before the event.  Macy’s suit and tie, shoes from Amazon: Cost $378
“I spent like $400 dollars. Looking good is necessary, to look good, money just has to be spent,” said Junior Logan Roach. Brand Nordstrom, Shoes are Steve Madden: Cost $400
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“It really sucks for having a cross school relationship, I will have to spend at least $400 since I need to go to two proms,” said Junior Keira Mills. Brand Halston Heritage: Cost $167